Rice Flower buds
Rice Flower buds
Rice Flower buds

Rice Flower buds

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Little rice flower buds. So beautiful and delicate. These are not rice flowers like the rice you eat they are actually little native flowers, named rice flower due to them looking like a bowl of rice while on the bush. 

I collected these while living in Rollands plains many years ago. The best part about these bottles as they move around while you wear them. For anyone that likes to fiddle this is perfect as it gives you something to focus on. 

This piece is 3cm x 2cm.

It has been created using a bio resin finished with sterling silver fittings and hangs on a sterling silver chain.

Chain length 20"

Materials are hand picked, preserved and created into something natural and wearable.

As these pieces are created with protecting the environment in mind, Bottled Earth jewellery is made with an Epoxy Resin made with renewable biological resources. 
This bio epoxy is a revolution in bio resins. 
Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and an amazing 77% bio content, it is the best most environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed. 
The first bio resin that is BPA free!

Each necklace is created with real materials.
I recommend that they not be left in direct sunlight or to be worn in the water this includes swimming or in the shower, to insure the integrity of the piece.

Your purchase comes ready to ship and is packaged in a beautiful hand stamped bag or little gift box.