Huon Pine branch
Huon Pine branch
Huon Pine branch

Huon Pine branch

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Every time I return to Tasmania I am excited to experiment with wood. My father is a woodturner/ craftsman and always has bits and pieces left over from his work.
These pendants have been created using off cuts destined for the burn pile. Once sanded back they reveal the most amazing patterns

They have been created using Tasmanian Timber, Huon Pine.

The colony of Van Diemen’s Land was only a few years old when explorers first found ancient tree trunks buried in the mud of a river south west of Hobart.
Huon pines are the oldest living trees in Australia and the second oldest in the world they can live for 3,000 years

Like finger prints, no two pendant is alike. Each one had its down beautiful collection of growth rings. Sharing its life growth.   

Each piece is hand sanded, then attached to an adjustable cord.
Pendants are 30-35mm approx.

Created in Tasmania, Australia

When choosing pendant click on the number in the selections and the photo of piece will be selected. 

Your purchase comes ready to ship and is packaged in a beautiful little hand stamped bag ready as a gift for yourself or to pass onto another.