Emu Feather earrings
Emu Feather earrings

Emu Feather earrings

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While travelling through the desert towards Coober pedy in 2019 with my mum, we came across many emus that had been hit on the road. 
Giving thanks I collected feathers and moved as many as I could further off the road. 
I carried these feathers with us the whole journey then when I returned they were cleansed and some were used to make these gorgeous earrings. 

The Emu has been associated with excellence. Those connected with these amazing creatures are inspired by their gift of hard work and diligence, making it possible to meet success. 



They hang on stainless steel hooks. 

Longest feather approx 29cm with banana twine wrapped around the top

Materials are hand picked, preserved and created into something natural and wearable.

Each piece is created with materials, I recommend that they not be left in direct sunlight or to be worn in the water including  swimming or in the shower to insure the integrity of the piece. 

Your purchase comes ready to ship and is packaged in a beautiful little gift box ready as a gift for yourself or to pass onto another.