Fibonacci Sequence


This amazing pendants have been created from the protea flower. Their natural fibonacci sequence is so enchanting that you can be lost for hours.
These pieces have been collected from my fathers home in Penguin, Tasmania and brought to my studio in NSW. They have been hand sanded down to reveal the amazing patterns hidden beneath the rough surfaces.
Opals collected from Lightening ridge have been selected, hand cut and polished by a dear friend then placed in the centre.
Opals were chosen not only for their beauty and colour but the Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition and insight, yet is a protective stone for deep inner work, meditations, and lower world shamanic journeys.

Pieces are approximately 45mm and hung from sterling silver fittings with a 24" sterling silver chain.
Change of length can be noted when ordering in the comments section. 16",18",20" or 24"

Materials are hand picked, preserved and created into something natural and wearable. Created in my studio on the coast of NSW using materials found where we have travelled though out Australia.

Your purchase comes ready to ship and is packaged in a beautiful little gift box ready as a gift for yourself or to pass onto another.


  • Piece 1
  • Piece 2