Where do you source your materials?
All natural pieces of material that I use I have collected myself from travels, mainly private properties and around my home area. Some pieces have been donated by people that have seen my work.
When I am collecting materials eg mushrooms, moss, flowers only small amounts are taken at a time to ensure the local ecology can continue to flourish and remain largely undisturbed.
This means materials are not collected from preserved and protected areas such as national parks.


Have any animals been harmed for your art?
All animal remains, whether that be insects, bones feathers they are all cruelty free. This means they have not been killed or an animal harmed to retreve them. I also do not purchase any type of animal products for art.

Do you make custom pieces?
Yes. This includes preserving wedding, funeral and birth flowers to baby teeth, animal remains, hair ect. If you would like more information email me though the contact section of the website.

Can I put things on hold though your website?
Items cannot be put on hold or pre ordered unless an email has been sent and we have come to an arrangement.

Isn't resin bad for the environment why do you use it in your art?
As Bottled earth is created with showcasing natural beauty and protecting the environment I work with an Epoxy resin made with renewable biological resources
This bio epoxy is a revolution in bio resins. Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and an amazing 77% bio content, it is the best most environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed.
This is the first bio resin that is also BPA FREE!!

Postage information:

Do you ship world wide
Yes. Not all countries have been added to my shipping list. If your destination is not included email me though the contact section and it shall be added.
All prices will vary on the shipping weight. Prices are not including tracking.Email me if you would like a tracked postage price.

How long until I receive my item
I try to post all items within a few days of purchase. Sometimes same day. Depending on your location items can take up to 3 weeks pithing Australia for rural areas and depending on time of year. Items overseas can take up to 6 weeks.

Not avaliable. I do my best to ensure your item arrives safely to you but I am not liable for any damages caused by ports or if an item is lost.
If you receive your item and are not happy, item is to be returned at customers cost and a refund will be issued of item cost. This will not include postage cost.
This does not include custom orders.

All items within Australia come with tracking if purchased off the website.
Overseas items do not come with tracking unless extra postage is paid. Contact me for more details.