In 2013 Bottled Earth was created by Lib-bee as a way of sharing beautiful items before they degrade back to the earth.

Over the past few years Bottled Earth has traveled up and down the coast of Australia attending numerous markets and festivals along the way. Each stall display is beautifully set up as a mini museum where someone could spend hours looking at each piece and be inspired.  

Nature is an incredible influence for when it comes to designing each piece. Natural materials and curiosities are collected and preserved. Each piece then placed in a vial pendant or bio resin to create a wearable keepsake to be admire without destroying its natural beauty. 

Mother nature is the ideal inspiration, not just for art but for life itself. Allowing oneself to experience the peaceful and relaxing sense of visiting this unique world is fascinating, yet sadly over looked by so many. Each piece of my art is aimed at capturing and preserving a small slice before is disappears back to the earth from where it came. Each piece being a one off, an individual just like us, no two the same. 

I hope that my wearable art and uniquely designed pieces capture your heart and soul as they have mine. Nature is displayed in its simplistic form, gathered, admired and given new life. We must open our minds to the beauty, colour and organic forms that the natural world provides. 

Bottled Earth is now located on the east coast of Australia near Port Macquarie and my studio is open by appointment. If you would like to make an appointment feel free to contact me via the contact section on the webpage or a message though facebook at; www.facebook.com/bottledearth