WASHED UP "Plastic not fantastic "
WASHED UP "Plastic not fantastic "
WASHED UP "Plastic not fantastic "
WASHED UP "Plastic not fantastic "

WASHED UP "Plastic not fantastic "

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Be part of the change.
“Washed up”
A collection created by Bottled Earth.

~Discarded plastic chunks ~

A step in a new direction to help in the clean up and removal of sea plastic.
For the past 50 years’ plastic has been slowly taking over our oceans, is a silent killer of our precious marine life and making its way to almost every location on earth.
Bottled Earth is a business built on the fundamental beliefs of being waste free and bringing awareness to the preservation of the natural environment in which we all live. As an artist I have always been in love with nature, the shapes, colours and patterns. One thing that has never made this list is plastic waste, however sometimes the best way to look at a negative is to see it from a different angle.
To turn plastic waste from something disposable into something to treasure.
Each piece created is made using pieces of plastic that have washed up on the beaches of the east coast of Australia, then encased in an environmentally conscious bio resin.

This piece is 3cm x 3cm. It has been created using a bio resin finished with sterling silver fittings and hangs on a sterling silver chain.

Chain length 18"

My hope for this collection is to spark a positive conversation about sea plastic and to bring awareness to a problem that in time and with persistence we have the ability to change.

As these pieces are created with protecting the environment in mind. Bottled Earth jewellery is made with an Epoxy Resin made with renewable biological resources.
This bio epoxy is a revolution in bio resins. Made with renewable biological resources (organic vegetable waste) and an amazing 77% bio content, it is the best most environmentally friendly bio resin ever developed.
The first bio resin that is BPA free!

For long lasting life I recommend that these pieces not be left in direct sunlight or to be worn in the water including swimming or in the shower to insure the integrity of the piece.

Your purchase comes ready to ship and is packaged in a beautiful hand stamped bag or gift box ready as a gift for yourself or to pass onto another.